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ExacTest incorporated in 1994 as an electrical engineering firm. We are a small business with low overhead and good references.

The focus of our work has been C programming of embedded microcontrollers for medical and industrial control applications. These designs involve a broad spectrum of timing, sensor interfacing, and communications.

We design and manufacture electronic subassemblies for OEMs, or simply design circuits or firmware.

OEM Projects

Typical OEM contracts use an NRE charge for the design, and an agreement to supply production units. Customers own the designs. Both examples are used as subassemblies in the customers' products.

Oem1 is an Industrial Controller board that monitors 16 4-20mA inputs and drives 16 relay outputs.

It maintains a graphical LCD, keypad, and modem. All calibration, display units, and alarms are programmable via the keypad or modem.

It includes switching supplies, an 8 bit uC, a 16 bit AD converter, time-date, and fused inputs.

- Motorola 68HC11 uC, Crystal 5509 AD -

Oem2 is a meter that measures strain gauges and displays force. (showing 2 sides of 1 board)

It maintains a battery, LCD, and push button interface. Calibration, display units, and alarm level are adjustable.

The meter recharges the battery, uses an 8-bit uC, LCD controller, and amplifies the strain gauge bridge signals.

It uses low power techniques and a 10 bit AD converter with digital filtering.

- Atmel AVR uC -


Design work is often billed hourly. Specifications, schedule, and deliverables are agreed to up front.

  1. Firmware for a medical product with subcutaneous electrodes and a graphical LCD with soft keys and nested menus. We also made a Manchester encoder and prototyped a wireless interface. Also coded and IR serial interface. (Motorola 68HC12 uC, Atmel AVR uC).
  2. Designed and prototyped Ethernet hardware and an embedded UDP firmware stack. The design was moved to dies-on-substrate and used for data acquisition. (Motorola 68332 uC and National MAC).
  3. Designed the digital hardware and firmware for a source & measure instrument with a GPIB computer interface. (Motorola 68HC11 uC, TI 9914 gpib).


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